Friday, 16 March 2018

Statement Regarding Recent Court Case

On Wednesday 14th March 2018, I was acquitted at Basildon Crown Court of the charge of assaulting Jamie Waterfield, thereby occasioning him, actual bodily harm following an incident on the 20th May 2017. Below is the full statement that I made to the media following my acquittal:

I would like to thank the 12 men and women of the jury who have helped me restore some faith in the criminal justice system and the Judge for the exemplary way that proceedings were handled.

"I would like to thank my barrister Paul Jones and my solicitor Melanie Cooke who believed in me throughout this process.

"I would also like to thank my friends and family for their kindness and support but especially my wife and children for helping me through the past 10 months despite the endless harassment, violence and stalking that they have had to endure from the supposed "victim" in this case whilst the Police stood idly by allowing the supposed "victim" to continue with complete impunity to terrorise my family just to try and preserve a case against me.

"This isn't a time for celebration but a time for reflection on the state of our criminal justice system. We don't have a functioning Police force in Southend. Instead we have what can only be described as a criminal protection service.

"Our criminal justice system is seen as the envy of the world,. This case was brought about, I believe, because of political prejudice by the Police and the CPS. The investigation by the officer in the case was conducted from the gutter. I was even subject to intimidation by the officer in the case during court proceedings which had to be brought to the attention of the prosecuting barrister. 

"This needs to be put into context with the conduct of my legal team. My barrister, Paul Jones, told the jury that he left his political beliefs at the door of the court to represent me. My solicitor, Melanie Cooke, who comes from Labour Party family where her father, Joe Cooke, the Parliamentary Candidate for Castle Point at last year's General Election, never let Politics get in the way in her attempts to clear my name.

"If this is the standard of Policing that the Chief Constable of Essex Police finds acceptable then he needs to consider his position with immediate effect.

"The CPS also have questions that need to be answered. There has been issues with disclosure in the case and the CPS defied a court order only giving us access to all the required information at the 59th minute of the 11th hour before the start of the trial. 

"Before the case started the Judge insinuated to the prosecution barrister that this matter should not be in his court.

"When I first appeared at Southend Magistrates Court in June last year, I was only accused of throwing a single punch at Mr Waterfield. When the trial started, I was accused of throwing 2 punches. Before the trial started I was asked if I would accept to be bound over to keep the peace for 6 months and the case dropped. I refused. Even after I was acquitted, the CPS still tried to get the judge to have a restraining order put on me. 

"The CPS were hell bent on trashing my name and reputation at all costs. The judge, at the end of the trial, said that I leave the court without a stain on my character. I thank him for that.

" The CPS have an obligation to regularly review all cases to see if their is a realistic chance of conviction. The jury needed only 5 minutes of deliberation to decide that I was not guilty. 

"In light of all this, I therefore call for the head of the CPS Alison Saunders to resign with immediate effect.

"I will now consult with my legal team on my next steps."     

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